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Win reverse bet

win reverse bet

If X wins, ties or cancels then Y If Y wins, ties or cancels then.
Ignoring the possibility of pushes, there are four different possible outcomes - the Giants and Steelers can both win, the Giants can win and the Steelers can lose, the Steelers can win while the Giants can lose, or both teams can win.
Your maximum loss, then, is little claire discount code 1200 (the maximum loss would occur when the more expensive game loses and the less expensive game is a push).
Example: Raiders -7 wager 110 for 100.The difference between a parlay and an if bet, though, is that you have to win all of your games in a parlay or you lose your entire bet, while in an if bet you can get some money back if you win just once.If you are betting on odds betting, and everything is -110, your payout will stay the same.You bet on an initial team or total, if that wager wins then the second wager that you chose will automatically be placed.If you just bet an if bet on A and then B you would be out of luck if A lost - even if B subsequently won.

In this scenario you lose 1,100 because you lost twice on the Sacramento Kings.There are a few reasons why you would make an if bet, but one of the most common is because of an inadequate bankroll.A push is when a particular line or wager has no action.Those three losses would cost you 3600.If both of your teams lose you will lose all 110 of your wager.A reverse surf city 10 coupon code bet is where you are able to put two or more if bets together.
In an action reverse bet, the secondary wagers of the if bets are automatically placed if the initial bets have no action.

Lets say you are betting on the Chicago Bulls and New York Knicks, in a 2 team reverse.