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Who will win the iron throne

who will win the iron throne

These are the most believable theories about how, game of Thrones will end.
As for the rest of the Lannisters?NOW watch: Briefing videos, business Insider Emails Alerts, site highlights each day to your inbox.Martin's novels indicate that the late King Robert slept his way around his kingdom, leaving bastard children (and potential claimants to the throne) in every neighborhood around.In Season 6, she began taking matters into her own hands.Though the title is clear indication of the wars to come and the ongoing fight for the Iron Throne, fans of the show should keep in mind this was only the first book.Whats next?: Hell probably try to turn Sansa against Jon, thus moving himself closer to the Iron Throne.Follow Business Insider Australia.Whats next?: The only ones left on christmas gift ideas for 4 month old baby girl her kill list are Cersei and Gregor Clegane (the Mountain).Euron Greyjoy Where: Iron Islands Allies: Ironborn Enemies: House Greyjoy, Daenerys Targaryen Whats next?: Might he align with House Lannister to take on Daenerys Targaryens army?Allies: House Lannister, enemies: House Stark, Daenerys Targaryen, Tyrion Lannister, House Tyrell, House Martell Whats next?: Will he lead the Lannister army into battle to protect her sister and his family name?He's young, he's fearless, and he wields that warhammer like research america network sweepstakes the Baratheon.What about shattering it entirely?No one will be on the throne in the end.Martin books being ahead of the HBO series.
Fan theories about the Iron Thrones rightful claimant have been circulating for decades, ever since George.R.
He's been killed and resurrected more than once, which means Jon Snow isn't the only guy in the running with that on his résumé.

Season seven of HBOs hit fantasy drama.Fans should also prepare themselves for the possibility that none of their heroes make it to the end.In more ways than one, too: Fans noted his use of a flaming sword in the fight beyond the wall, which sure looks a lot like the fabled Lightbringer.Would it be kind of strange to see him on the throne?That person, folks, is Lady Sansa of Winterfell.Maybe Arya and Brienne could serve on the Kingsguard.A new world order might be exactly what Westeros needs to rebuild itself.Thrones -inspired stock tips (sell all your Cersei shares eulogize the dead (RIP Tommen and debate what would happen if the Iron Bank of Braavos needed a bailout.She's arguably the most deserving; she's the hardest working, she's had to learn the most, and she's suffered as much loss (if not more) than the other contenders.
Joffreys Place, Quartzs new Facebook Live series about the hit HBO show.
It wouldn't be too out of left field, either.

She has the leadership ability, the highborn title, and has learned quite a bit from the rocky road she's been forced onto.
Arya Stark, where: Last seen in The Twins killing Walder Frey.