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In a slight variation, Cross Patch is compared to Pleasant Face, dressed in philly by night discount code lace, let the visitor in!
Cross Patch, lift the latch, Sit by the fire and hope's boutique discount code spin; Take a cup, and drink it up, Then call your neighbours.Not a rhyme that succeeded into the sanitized gentility of the 20th century.Please whitelist our site in your adblocker, refresh the page, and enjoy!"Tell Tale Tit tell Tale Tit, Your tongue shall be slit; And all the dogs in the town.Of course, children seldom look for that meaning.A crosspatch was a person who was cranky, or cross.If you were to hear cardboard hamper gift boxes this nursery rhyme being chanted around the 18th century kindergarten monkeybars, it would probably be a taunt.Pinning down just what was meant with tell tale tit is the only complicated part of this rhyme.
In this little story, Miss Selfish locks her door, drinks all the good stuff up by herself, and then lets her neighbors come.

Even by 1889, goosey gander was childrens slang for blockhead, but the phrase had to come from somewhere.Up stairs, down stairs, and in my lady's chamber.But most historians think this nursery rhyme is about priest holes.Websters Dictionary from 1828 it is described in lovely, florid language as the pap of a woman; the nipple.We and our partners operate globally and use cookies, including for analytics, personalisation, and ads.Sometimes they were intrinsic parts of games, history, or political opinion.Left-footer was slang for Catholic, and any person caught praying to the Catholic God was praying wrong.Elsie Marley was a real lady who ran a pub called The White Swan.
The Scottish version turns Elsie to Eppie and has her losing all her money following the Stuart cause.
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