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Leaves of Grass (James.
In the simple two-story clapboard house, Whitman spent his declining years working on additions and revisions to a new edition of the book and preparing his final volume of poems and prose, Good-Bye, My Fancy (David McKay, 1891).In line 21, the examples of apostrophe, ordering "shores to exult and "bells to ring" are again referring to how the nation is celebrating while "I with mournful tread, Walk the deck my Captain lies, Fallen cold and dead".In January of that year he suffered a stroke that left him partially paralyzed.He stayed with his brother until the 1882 publication.The United States is "anchor'd safe and sound".Redfield, 1870) Leaves of Grass (William.Homer, Dante, Shakespeare, and the Bible.His sister Hannah was emotionally unwell and Whitman himself had to share his bed with his mentally handicapped brother.Whitman, who had a quiet history of becoming close with younger men amidst a time of great taboo around homosexuality, developed an instant and intense romantic bond with Doyle.Leaves of Grass that featured 32 poems, including a new piece, "Sun-Down Poem" (later renamed "Crossing Brooklyn Ferry as well as Emerson's letter to Whitman and the poet's long response to him.However, after suffering a stroke, Whitman found it impossible to return to Washington.In 1838 he had started a weekly called the.Frail himself, Whitman found it impossible to continue with his job in Washington and relocated to Camden to live with his brother George and sister-in-law Lou.
Not surprisingly, his job tenure was often short and had a tarnished reputation with several different newspapers.
Whitman released a second edition of the book in 1856, containing thirty-three poems, a letter from Emerson praising the first edition, and a long open letter by Whitman in response.

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Whitman was a staunch Unionist during the Civil War.His occupations during his lifetime included printer, schoolteacher, reporter, and editor.These final years proved to be both fruitful and frustrating for Whitman.At the age of three, the young Walt moved with his family to Brooklyn, where his father hoped to take advantage of the economic opportunities in New York City.In the early 1870s, Whitman settled in Camden, New Jersey, where he had come to visit his dying mother at his brother's house.His life's work received much needed validation in terms of recognition, especially overseas, as over ulta daisy dream gift set the course of his career many of his contemporaries had viewed his output as prurient, distasteful and unsophisticated.Sequel to Drum-Taps which assembled 18 poems regarding the American Civil War, including another Lincoln elegy, ".The following line expresses a mood of jubilation of the Union winning the war as it says "the people all exulting however, the next line swiftly shifts the mood when it talks of the grimness of the ship, and the darker side of the war.
At 11, Walt Whitman was taken out of school by his father to help out with household income.

The first line establishes the poem's mood, one of relief that the Civil War has ended, "our fearful trip is done." The next line references the ship, America, and how it has "weathered every rack meaning America has braved the tough storm of the Civil.
Whitman published his own enthusiastic review.