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Whiteboard / Doodle / Explainer Video Animation Software Whiteboard, doodle, or explainer video animation software refers to programs that are specifically designed to produce the presentation or marketing videos that are hugely popular these days.
You can download a architectural digest show promo code demo here: m/products/animate Usual price of the software is: US699 Toon Boom Animate paul mccartney gifts Pro editorial note: As of October 16th 2015 Toon Boom will be discontinuing their Toon Boom Animate Pro software, and replacing it with their flagship Harmony program.
However, that was nearly 10 years ago, so Im sure much has changed since then.It has onion skinning, a timeline, and all the paint and drawing tools, as well as some basic audio support.Where possible Ive added a link to those trials.Take a look at their full detailed pricing here essentials (closer to their former asda nspa gift set Toon Boom Studio software) 23 / month, 180 / year (equivalent to 15 / month), 375 perpetual license, advanced (closer to their former Toon Boom Animate software) 58 / month, 456.Vyond (formerly GoAnimate) is one of the first and most established of all the whiteboard animation software programs available.You can buy Flip Boom Cartoon here: m/products/flip-boom-cartoon Price: 39 Flip Boom All Star (Read our full review and video walk-through here) editorial note: As of October 16th 2015 Toon Boom have discontinued their Flip Boom All Star software.You have to pay for the use of the software which gives you a commercial license, however you then need to pay an additional 79 rights transfer fee if you want to sell a video you make to a third-party.There are a few pricing options to suit all budgets from an unlimited version, to businesses, and educational users.It also has some easy to use facial and lip-syncing tools.
This is great news not only for Synfig, but all open-source animation programs as it shows a willingness on the part of leaders in the industry to support alternatives and grass-roots initiatives to get people started using animation software regardless of skill level or budget.

The camera is plug and play, and the software is a doddle to install and use, therefore I recommend it highly.As such, if youre looking to do traditional drawn animation then this is not the software for you, as the drawing tools are pretty much non-existent.It is mostly used by professional studios and as such is comprised of four separate modules which reflects the different departments: stylos HD for digital drawing TraceMan HD for scanning and cleaning up the drawings PaintMan HD for painting the drawings Coreretas HD for compositing.It is the creme-de-la-creme, the Numero Uno, the Big Daddy, the Boom Boom Shake Shake The Room of 2d animation software.In my opinion the best aspect of the software is its wonderful line and brush tools that really give you the creative freedom to do sketchy style animation or go further and clean it up if you want.Pivot like Stykz does not support audio, so the only way to add audio to your animations is by exporting it, and then opening it in a video editor such as Windows Movie Maker or Final Cut.This makes it very easy to use on even a small laptop or tablet.
Then try the following top course on m Flash Animation Course Adobe Character Animator Adobes newest addition to the animation family is their Character Animator software program.
The 3D and multi-plane camera effects make this a great piece of software, but the price may be prohibitive to some.

The upcoming v5 is due to include multi-coloured figures, bendy lines and basic tweening.
There are 2 different pricing options and both are extremely reasonable, in fact they are among the best value on the market, as they are outright purchases and dont require an ongoing monthly subscription.