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Tax rebate on loan

Thus, your taxable income will reduce to Rs 5,40,000 (Rs 8,50,000 Rs 3,10,000).
Fintotal comment, with a narrow margin of home loan amount and cost of home, applicability limited to first time homebuyers, it is our home chores and rewards understood that this tax barclays premier rewards airport lounge access deduction is to incentivise affordable housing among the middle class.
Tax saving on home loan, in case you take possession of your newly bought premises on the same year of acquiring a home loan; you are entitled to enjoy tax benefits on both principal and interest component of the loan.
Certain requirements are to be fulfilled in order to claim tax deductions on home loan.The interest towards home loan taken for purchase, construction, disney world promotion code repairs, renewal or reconstruction of house property is eligible for deduction under section 24(b).Deduction on the amount paid for stamp duty and registration fee is also legitimate; can be claimed under the benefit of Section 80C; only for the year in which youve borne the expenses for the same.However there is no stagnant upper limit for let-out properties, even the entire amount of interest is supposed to exempt as tax benefit.For instance if interest payable in FY 2013-14 is Rs 75,000 then tax rebate on remaining Rs 25,000 can be claimed in FY 2014-15.Exception, if the house bought by the sanctioned home loan is let out to tenants, the interest on principal loan amount can be claimed for deduction from the rental income.According to Section 80C the repayment of principal amount of housing loan can have an exemption up to 150,000 INR, while Section 24(b) of Income Tax Act claims exemption on payments of interests on loan to a maximum of 200,000 INR against any property purchased.Besides various Government policies that allow tax relaxation to encourage investments on housing property, here are some details that you definitely need to know to understand and evaluate your stake over a home loan.However, it is a one-time benefit since the deduction applies to just one assessment year or can extend to two, at the most.This should be the only house owned by the taxpayer at the time of sanction.Post updated on 10th July 2014, interest paid on the home loan.Payments of the interest the principal amount will incur during the time frame.If, after claiming interest rebate under section 24, you are still left with interest outgo, this can be claimed under section 80EE in AY 2014-15.1,50,000 on your home loan will be allowed as a deduction from the gross total income subject to fulfillment of prescribed conditions.How to get 80EE tax benefit.Plus all the other permissible tax exemption components such as life insurance premium, PPF, elss, NSC etc.

As per Sec 24(b) of the Income Tax Act, 1961 in India a deduction up.The entire sum of interest paid on home loan prior to possession will be split in 5 equal instalments that have the scope for claiming tax exemptions over next 5 years, starting from the financial year of housing possession and onwards.Well as per the pundits of the taxation regiment there can be no better way of adding value to your investment than a loan for home buying.Moreover no tax returns could be claimed if a housing loan is taken from relatives, friends or any known sources that will lend you without prospective monetary benefits for themselves; only specified institution or department are qualified for tax excused loan.However some norms are levied on this privilege that certainly delay the luscious taste of the ripe cherry on the top of your delicious pie; tax exemption on interests can only be claimed post possession.2,00,000 can be claimed as tax exemption on housing loan.Eligibility for 80EE rebate, this rebate on home loan interest is applicable only for home loans satisfying the following conditions:. .Your taxable Income: Rs 8,50,000, principal repayment for the year 2014-15 : Rs 1,10,000 and Interest payable for the year: Rs 2,60,000.One can enjoy the benefits of tax deductions even when possession of the concerned property is not taken within the same year in which the home loan has been sanctioned.