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Sending gifts through amazon

sending gifts through amazon

Surprisingly, this is an issue that pops up every year around the holiday season and also when students head back to universities and schools in the.
If you are sending presents to different people in the same household - Christmas gifts to members of the same family, for example, you can combine them in the same package without confusing the per person allowances.
A fine, a levy for duties and taxes or, worse, a confiscated package are probably not tops on your gift giving list.
But, if you don't declare them and they loyal hana coupon code are discovered, they will be destroyed and you or the recipient will face a criminal prosecution and a potentially hefty fine.If you do that, then each gift can benefit from the Import VAT 34 gift allowance. Exceptions apply to alcohol, tobacco products, perfume and toilet water for which there are separate duty free allowances.Duty is due on gifts worth more than 135 being sent from outside the.Which Gifts Require Payment of Duties?Everyone knows what a gift is, right?How Much Duty is Required on Gifts That Are Mailed and Who Pays?Even though packages are opened.Exceed the limit and all the products will be seized and destroyed.If you are traveling to the UK and bringing presents in yourself, different allowances apply.Before you bring or send holiday food products, have a look at the very detailed.If the value of your gift is more than the duty free allowance for mailed gifts of 135, the recipient pays the duty after the goods arrive in the UK but before they are delivered.
Customs officers don't play pick and mix.
So, if you're thinking of letting a shop ship your present to Aunt Felicity in London, the tax man won't consider that a gift.

These days, the postman leaves a notice telling your recipient where to go for the package and how much moving home gifts it will cost.There is one way around this and it is perfectly legitimate.Not necessarily when it comes to official rules and regs.If you're scratching your head over what this might be, think driftwood and the sort of driftwood and pebble art you can pick up at craft fairs.It's inconvenient for the recipient so it's a good idea not to mail gifts worth more than 135.Cheese and Meat Products are Banned.If ubc nobel prize winners you're over the limit, the whole lot gets thrown away.Maybe your cousin Bianca in Liverpool would love it but if you are mailing it as a gift from outside the EU, there's a good chance it could be found in a spot check, Besides being destroyed, you - or more likely your poor innocent.In the past, if the postman was delivering a gift on which duty was due, he would simply ring your bell and collect the money.This is a more generous allowance than goods you order from abroad for yourself which are subject to VAT if worth more than.
And there is always the risk that the present might be damaged.
Another good way of ensuring you are shopping in the right place is to notice how the goods are priced.