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Please consider saving your own seed.
I had so many cucumbers from just planting 5 seeds this year they are the best tasting cucumbers we've ever had and some where huge, they keep for so long in my salad drawer I have not had to buy a shop cucumber for many.Our heirloom and heritage vegetable seeds are specially chosen for home gardeners.but as it gets bigger, it turns an amazing orange colour.Our aim is to offer you the very best seed of the best vegetable varieties we can find!Stock: 'Boothby's Blond yellow, lunchbox cucumber, this new variety is an early-cropping heirloom from the Boothby family in Maine.You would of course need to peel it if you let it get huge or over-ripe (like any cucumber but the skin is just fine to eat up to a normal size, so this a good choice if you only have room for one type.Simply fill with water, add seed to the medium and off you.".Order CuFo 16 seed Stock: 'Longfellow' This variety from 1927 makes very pleasing long dark green fruit that are slightly tapered from one end to the other, getting fatter as you get towards the middle.The vines are very compact, start to bear early, and happily climb netting, or grow on the ground.( anthracnose, angular leaf spot, CMV, DM, PM, scab!).Order, cuPP - great deployment gifts 25 seed, stock: 'Miniature White these fantastic little yellow-white cucumbers are Ben's favourite.After hearing the problem, he decided to take it on as a project - and produced seed for us every year since then, so thanks to his heroic efforts we are once again able to offer this terrific cucumber.In fact we have had to put up extra netting to contain it, as it was trying to take over our polytunnel!Order CuCh 12 seed Stock: Here is Josie, aged 2, saving cucumber seed.Order CuGe 12 seed Stock: 'Tamra' This superb variety was thought lost years ago, but cucumber breeder Robert Bruns heard of our search for an early, disease resistant, non-bitter, cucumber, and sent us the last few seeds he had.So we offer really good, easy cucumbers.
Firstly, it is very, very crisp and crunchy - even for a cucumber!

We really do hope you enjoy these vegetables as much as we have enjoyed tracking them down and trying them out.It makes sweet crisp fruit, best taken when about 4 inches long, and comes from a region with cold springs and a short growing season, so it is well adapted to setting fruit pretty quickly.In that field he found just one much earlier and better plant that really stood out from the rest.It can either be used small for pickles or left to grow for use as a slicing cucumber.We used lots in salad last summer.We got very quick-growing plants that soon set large numbers of impressively long (30cm slightly ridged green cucumbers.
This plant grows shorter and has smaller leaves than other strains, but has a distinctive aroma and smell.
And secondly, it is incredibly colourful: it starts out a very bright lime green (that picture has not been enhanced!

Essential for cigarettes and for blending with other tobacco.
They have very soft thin skin, without any bitterness, and distinctly sweet crunchy flesh.