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Lancome free gift with purchase uk 2018

Browse lancÔME bestsellers 26901c-LAC, bEST selling, tonique Confort, comforting facial toner 200.
SPF 15 005 Beige Ivoire007 Beige Rosé01 Beige Albâtre010 Beige Porcelaine02 Lys Rosé03 Beige Diaphane035 Beige Doré04 Beige Nature045 Sable Beige05 Beige Noisette055 Beige Idéal06 Beige Canelle10 Beige Praline11 Muscade12 Ambre13 Sienne14 Brownie16 Café.
All starts with the base.
Best selling, tonique Douceur, softening hydrating toner.Perfect, rich, creamy, über flowery middle with a twist: leather!Top: Blackcurrant, Himalayan poppy!The complexion appears flawless.Like the coconut and allspice in the top of 'Hypnotic Poison' by Menardo or the amaretto in the top and dark chocolate in the base of Cartier's 'Le Baiser du Dragon' by Alberto Morillas.Be assured: that poppy fragrance note isn't addicive in a physical way (don't start injecting 'Poème' to get a high) but it is highly addictive in an olfactory way.Like putting one male in a room of competing female workers or putting one woman in a room of testosteron-overloaded male office PC tigers.Middle: Mimose, leather!Up to the top, the first impression a fragrance gives, a calling card, the first look at your blind date.Smashingly shamelessly romantic, win a boat australia utterly feminine, soft yet strong, an undisturbable quiet zen-like presence and feel of a fragrance.Enhances skin's natural light, complexion appears flawless, full of life as if lit-from-within.
In the top the sour-y blackcurrant versus sweet peach, the meaty plum versus the fresh bergamot.

A little mysterious, renders people spellbound and radiates that 'je ne sais quoi' soft almost careless and effortless sensuality of a a gorgeous 'woman's woman'.Non-irritating/doesn't cause break-outs, protects skin from UV damage, print.It is a peculiar perfume masterpiece-with-a-story.The top is on paper deeply fruity-floral.But nose Cavallier adds -suprise, surprise!- the delicate and pleasant orange blossom to the base.As with all great fragrances: a strong, sturdy, reliable base where the middle and top can be reliably built upon.Enjoy exclusive offers and gifts at Lancô.It sat softly on my skin, yet somehow kept offering a lingering trail to my nose.But 'Poème' is about general bliss and beauty with inbuilt harmonic, not clashing, contrasts.Probably you really will.This is one of the mothers of all fruity florals.
The middle is an all star team of the most beautiful, powerful flower scents: mimose, freesia, jasmine, ylang ylang, tuberose and rose weighted against each other with a pharmacist's scale so that they won't cannibalise each other.

BTW, that's why all those current fruity florals and most ohter contemporary fragrances last so shortly and radiate so little imho: the base is mostly a three note breezy low quality artificial sandalwood-vanilla-something.