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How to set up a rafflecopter giveaway

Canvas and page tab pages on Facebook arent able to be accessed from the official Facebook app on mobile devices.
How do you start?Its the mobile-friendly share link, found at the top of your Rafflecopter giveaways page tab.In the screen shot free gift catalogs by mail above, Im offering ONE entry for a blog comment.In this blog post, youll be introduced to the five easy steps needed to launching an awesome, effective giveaway on Facebook using Rafflecopter.Although, they all seemed pretty similar and offered the same free features.Step 1 Pick a hosting site.With each wall post, Facebook gives you the ability to add some extra oomph.This next section will help you get the most out of these traffic sources.Below is a list of some of the Giveaway sites that you can submit to: Giveaway Promote, giveaway Frenzy, any Lucky Day.And if you are running a giveaway for a sponsor, it adds a whole nother layer of responsibility-and stress.That last one is sticky- but Ive heard horror stories about winners that claim to not have gotten a prize and go after the administer of the contest to get compensation.AND you can make it mandatory- so if they dont at least comment, readers cant enter at all.Step 5: Wrapping Up lassana flora valentine gifts So your giveaway is over and youve selected a winner.Kasa Reviews gives a great overview of the three and based on their information, I chose.
If you peruse any of the giveaway link sites, youll find a myriad of prizes ranging from cash to gift cards to dream vacations.

You may- or may not- want to make this available to sponsors.Running a giveaway on Facebook shouldnt be a difficult process.With a solid understanding of how Facebook platform works pertaining to giveaways and a program like Rafflecopter in your back pocket, its time to make some waves!And if done right, the cost is minimal yet the return is great.You can see by this screen shot that you can offer multiple prizes- so it allows you to be perfectly clear as to what is being offered.First, you name your giveaway.
The site I used for my giveaways was.