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How to make a confetti shooting gift box

Poke the string through the hole and out to the other side.
It is the largest continuous flow confetti cannon sold by Artistry in Motion.Close the box and wrap it in whatever beautiful paper you have.Something nice to put in the box (optional).This 50-pound confetti launcher can also be used to shoot streamers.Confetti Cannons, confetti cannons make it possible to shoot confetti or streamers into the air so that i need a gift for my husband it can slowly descend on a celebrating crowd.You May Wish To Try These Other Great Projects.This machine can continuously launch half a pound of confetti up to 50 feet for 45 to 60 seconds straight.Contact us today to learn more about our Confetti Cannon Services.It uses 16 gram CO2 cartridges so the user can launch shot after shot of confetti or streamers.Theres no going back without setting off the booby trap!

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Repeat this for all 4 flaps on the box.Important: (Glue the party popper about 2cm from the edge of the flap, so the box lid can close properly.).Important: Partially close the lid, and pull the string on the outside, being carful not to explode the party popper.I first tried this on my Dad at Christmas last year, and ever since I've done the same to every present I given to someone.Use confetti of various colours.These easy-to-carry items office 2014 student discount will launch a single shot of confetti up to 35 feet, making it a great party gift to get guests involved in the celebration.This is the position the person opening the box will explode the party poppers.

Tie a 4 inch piece of string onto the string attached to the popper.