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Homeschooling gifted learners

homeschooling gifted learners

Colleen tackles it from a few different perspectives.
We're in shell fuel rewards 25 cents the thick of things, right?
Conversations with friends who get you, understand (and still love) your quirky kids, and are honest and real are so important in life - especially when you're homeschooling.Just as gifted individuals often discover that their giftedness feels like both a gift and a curse, those who are both gifted and a visual-spatial learner experience a double whammy.One of our absolute favorite moms of special needs kids is Shawna Wingert from Not the Former Things."Autism is NOT the Big Bad Wolf.It's back to school time, and all over the internet - in your Instagram feeds, on your favorite bloggers' sites, and on Facebook - you're faced with a peek into what everyone's doing to get ready for back to school.
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She has a knack for putting things into perspective and.And not able to see what will happen on the other side.In today's episode, Colleen talks to Dayna Abraham all.For a visual-spatial learner, learning through a step-by-step approach (sequential) when its delivered verbally (auditory) as in nearly all classroom settings, is like teaching a lion how to become a vegetarian.Is it possible to make a three-day homeschool.The discussion will be live Thursday, at 2pm ET, 1pm CT, 12noon MT and 11am.Our world today needs these creative geniuses, but sadly many underachieve in school due to their inability to learn through auditory sequential methods, and eventually they may drop out.