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Hearthstone in game rewards

1 Kobolds Catacombs card pack Year of the Raven The following quest was added to promote the beginning of the Year of the Raven.
Your birthday gifts for wine lovers chosen champion at 2017 HCT Spring Championship has earned you 4 packs!All progress on a quest is erased when it is abandoned; the next time the same quest is randomly assigned to the player, it will start with 0 objectives complete.The same running total is used for both Play mode and Tavern Brawls.3 Knights of the Frozen Throne card packs 2017 HCT Summer Championship The following quests involved the " Choose Your Champion!"Druid Victory "Hunter Victory "Mage Victory "Paladin Victory "Priest Victory "Rogue Victory "Shaman Victory "Warlock Victory" and "Warrior Victory" added." promotion between 13th and 20th April 2017, revolving around the finals of 2017 Hearthstone Collegiate National Championship.1 pack, Hail, Champion!Your chosen champion at BlizzCon 2016 has earned you 3 packs!While determined gold farmers may be willing to play any class in order to gain the optimal reward, for most players personal enjoyment is also an important factor, and this is often strongly affected by class.It allows you to collect dust waaaay too fast."Call of the Void" card back Call of the Light Link a Twitch Prime account to your Hearthstone account Card back earned!

Play a friend, you both earn a reward!* 80 gold Total Dominance Win 5 games in any mode.The reward cards are now craftable instead as part of the Hall of Fame card set.Additionally, once per day, the player is allowed to choose and replace one quest with a new and different quest.Logging in between 5th and 19th July 2017 In celebration, all your quests give Double Gold, insect!Claiming the gift through the Gifts tab on the t app 1 pack was added to your account from outside of the game.50 gold Beat Down Deal 65 damage to enemy heroes.* 50 gold class Victory Win 2 games with class.
Quests will accumulate in the player's profile, up to a maximum of 3, and will be presented to the player when they next log.
Not all damage seems to be counted for this quest.

The Taverns of Time is Here!
Each win displays the player's progress toward the 10-gold reward, and the gold is awarded each time 3 wins is reached.