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Gpu win 2

gpu win 2

I cannot stress how useful it is to simply be able to boot a VM play what I want and then turn it off without having to close all my shit by dual booting constantly.
Hopefully you found this guide useful.
The easiest way is to just use the downstream method.Just type exit hit enter, and navigate to Boot Manager.This is the uefi shell and means that everything is working wonderfully!Alterantively just hook up a second keyboard if you have one.Sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/g once again to rebuild.Rpm [email protected] ovmf arch.Run this to do so sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/g, next we samsung online store promo code reboot to activate iommu/vt-d.I got a fancy 1440p 144hz odds to win pga championship monitor and the 970 wasnt cutting it so I picked up a 980ti.If your monitor only has one input you can buy a switch for whatever connection you need.

Heres a firestrike run using gpu passthrough.Remember to bind the whole gpu if necessary which means both buses if present.02:00.0 VGA compatible controller 0300: nvidia Corporation GM200 GeForce GTX 980 Ti 10de:17c8 (rev a1).Replace your pci bus sudo vfio-bind 0000:0.0 0000:0.1 Verify that vfio-bind is now in control of the gpu with lspci -nnk Kernel driver in use: vfio-pci Now we can test it out and see if it works!Skip if using Nouveau If you installed the nvidia package from the arch repo your driver will probably break in the new kernel.First lets create our qcow2 container.#!/bin/bash xrandr -output DVI-I-1 -off xrandr -output DVI-D-0 -off cp /tmp/my_vars.Make sure youre using an unmodified copy.This means that the 980ti is now in its own iommu group and can be allocated to a VM by itself.
Make sure to verify paths are correct, change your pci bus ID, and remove the second pci bus line if you only have one for your card.