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Good baby shower gifts for twins

Coupon book for doing laundry, cleaning house, watching baby so parents can take a nap.
Diapers, sleep sheep, Aden and Anais swaddle blankets, wipes.It was an excuse to get dressed and get out of the house.If it was something I just wanted one of, then they wouldnt bring a second gift (i.e.I would never have expected a friend to buy me two car seats just because I was having two babies.Loved our Halo sleep sacks with swaddle!muslin swaddle blankets, Rock n Plays, Boppy loungers, baby first aid kit (comes with gripe water, saline drops, etc.) Diaper Genie and refill bags.I weighed my guys before their baths and tracked their weight.Whatever you chose from the registry is discount hobby warehouse san diego ca fine, or whatever you want to give to the family.Its too early for them now but as a mom who just had to spend a ton doing it I would have loved it as a gift.One gift is fine if its something shareable like diapers or a large item.

But what people spend varies based on budget and relationship with the parents so there is no set etiquette in my opinion.We had a mixture at ours.There's a basket to gift every parents taste, including boy and girl themed gifts for twin e aptly named "Double The Joy" comes in both girl and boy variants and featuring an adorable onsesie, matching teddy bears, and diapers!If youre bringing clothes, bring something for each baby or a pack of something.The boys still sleep with their bears to this day.No matter which of these great baby shower gifts for twins you choose, your order ships free anywhere in Canada.Your friend is expecting her first baby, well in her case, her first two babies because she just found out shes togo bus coupon code having twins.