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Bedspring on In reply to ukb bmc shark: Seriously?
D_b on In reply to eroica64: It's a hard life being principled If you aren't prepared to make your life difficult for principles then you don't really have any.If this was a marketing poll of customers or shareholders by a private company the Management would probably conclude that the result was good enough to just press ahead but the BMC is a democratic organisation with a democratic process to be followed.I think this post pretty much reflects my view as well.MG - on In reply to remus: How so?I've never heard a trad climber say stop supporting access to sport crags or vice versa.

As far as I can tell, the RA get paid a commission on sales made by Cotswold to RA members.Now the BMC faces a significant immediate probable shortfall in funding, and is taking irs rebate for 2016 purchases steps to replace this SE funding with other 3rd party funding.Books, maps, and sale/special offer items, enter code BMC10 at the checkout.Jackson Sports Belfast 10 In store only.I can't believe this!TobyA on In reply to stp: It's was probably because they suspected him of shop lifting.All of which share very common interests (training / eqpt / access etc).Hopefully the BMC will get on with it and not wilt to pressure from all those going out of their way to be offended.Post edited at 12:41 bedspring on In reply to La benya: go to the meetings and find out.Keith-ratcliffe on, in reply to toad: Go Outdoors are now owned by JD Sports and Cotswold owned by AS Adventure Group who also own Snow Rock.
Also, I completely understand from the BMC's perspective, that if you're going to form a commercial winning at new products creating value through innovation free pdf partnership, you want to form one with a business which has the right level of financial resource.
This year my wife cancelled her BMC membership, we just don't need it or feel the benefits anymore.

I wouldn't even claim I have "the impression I'll leave that to others, I would withhold judgement without evidence.