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Gifts for deacons catholic

Owned and operated by Deacon Gil Nadeau and his wife Mary, this little corner of the Internet features all sorts of deacon products and apparelfor both the deacon and his wife.
When I led the retreat for the deacon candidates and their wives this past weekend, I mentioned to those attending that there are a few books that I think are invaluable.Gift certificates to local church supply shops are always appreciated.Vestmentsstoles and dalmaticsmake for great gifts, too, of course, though you can easily run up a big tab into the hundreds of dollars (or more!).Deacon Lawrence Klimecki from Sacramento creates exquisite prints and icons, many with a diaconal theme.It means Christ is present because His priest is present.The only major exception to this is a tasteful set of rose-colored vestments.If he does, priests are (or at least ought to be) pretty good at re-gifting things to those who need them.Books or Devotions, find out who the deacon's favorite author is and buy him a book that he doesnt already have.A Deacons best wine to give as a gift 2017 Retreat by Deacon James Keating.Then at least something like this.Something that means something.In the East they dont have the tradition of Eucharistic Adoration, but they do consider icons to be a portal into the heavens, entering with your mind into the life of the saints and Gods eternal salvific work.And Five Things to Shy Away From.
Logos combines and connects all Scripture, writings of the Fathers, magisterial documents, the Catechism, and so much more.

No priest no sacraments.Especially true right after ordination.A little piece.Every year in late May and through the month of June seminaries are letting out and bishops are laying on hands.You can frame the poem or place it on a wooden plaque for him to display on her wall.The Mass, the Eucharist, is the source and summit, as Vatican II tells.Bonus points if the relic is of a saint the ordained man already has a devotion.Deacons are here to help!Christian Prayer, and looks like a smaller sibling of that book.One of my favorite lines in the Divine Liturgy.6) Portable Mass kit.