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End of year gifts for students

end of year gifts for students

I usually combine this one with the buckets or the frisbee.
End of the Year Student Gift Tags.
To make a Pet Cloud stretch out a jumbo sized cotton ball and glue on 2 wiggly eyes. .
Happy end of the school year!My students love writing with sidewalk chalk during recess so I knew they would love it as a gift sending gifts through amazon at the end of the year!Sunglasses, its summer and sunny so these are a very useful gift. The first several times I used the saying Im bubbling with pride over all you have learned!, then I saw You blew me away!Sunglasses, sunglasses are a cute and practical end-of-year gift for students.This student gift tag can also be used with glow sticks. . If you would like the editable version that allows you to edit the words Gods promises never fail and add printable names click here. You can find very cute and inexpensive packages of childrens sunglasses at WalMart or the Dollar Store. I gave mine to students at the end of our weather unit so I changed the poem; however, it can also be used as an end of the year gift which is why I included it in this post.M arvelous M agnificent summer.
I gave these to students that I tutored throughout the year and they loved them!
I have used several over the years.

The beach is a popular end of the school year theme that we have used many times. Hopefully they will save you some time during the hectic end of the school year.Personally I preferred to use Swedish Fish because they are my favorite, but you can also use Goldfish Crackers.This student gift tag is part of my freebie sampler.Colorful School Year Crayons Student Gift Gift Tag. This student gift tag can also be used with glow sticks. . The tags can be placed over a snack size bag of Swedish Fish or a baggie filled with Goldfish Crackers (the grade level is editable). Simply attach this colorful tag to a box of crayons.
Sidewalk Chalk Student Gifts Gift Tags.