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Doing a giveaway on facebook

doing a giveaway on facebook

I personally feel like the contest length should typically be around 7 to 10 days. .
Know the Facebook contest guidelines and create contests that your target audience will love.
If you want to collect email addresses or other contact information, use third-party software that will help you organize all of the data you collect.When the contest ends, a company rep will choose a winner at random.Facebook officials say you must also include:.Be sure to check the. I also generated 252.84 in revenue!In addition, be sure to post the contest on Twitter, Instagram,, or other social media channels that you might be involved with.I've had some promotions add several thousand new email entry subscribers, the one I ran last week added 626 email subscribers, 572 were new subscribers not on my list before. .Tag To Win, according to Facebook's Promotion guidelines : In order to maintain the accuracy of Page content, our Pages Terms now prohibit Pages from tagging or encouraging people to tag themselves in content that they are not actually depicted.But over the last month, I've seen countless pages breaking david jones gift with purchase 2018 Facebook's "rules" (ie.Make people answer a trivia question to enter your contest, and only those who answer correctly qualify to win: What year did Facebook start?That's why it's great Facebook changed the contest rules a few months ago.Be sure to test your contest on a variety of smartphones and tablets new india assurance motor claim satisfaction voucher pdf before you hit Publish.Write your auto-responder email series that will maximize revenue.#2: Set.M.A.R.T.If you find a formula that works well for your customers, consider repeating the contest or some version of it throughout the year.
Editor's Note: While this post was written in October 2013, the.
Before the contest ends you can be emailing people every day, every other day, or whatever you are comfortable with. .

Check Facebooks TOS before every contest you run.And it even gets better!Before I show you step by step what I did and how you can do the same to run a giveaway on Facebook, I want to show some of the results.In my research for my own giveaways and for writing this article, I've run across a few questions that people are asking across the web that I want to attempt to answer.Want more like this?Consider limiting entries to people who live within a 50-mile radius of your business.Capture your audience with a catchy image.Make sure your contest includes rules that spell out how youll choose a winner.In my most recent contest, I was able to generate 11 direct product sales and a few more affiliate sales as part of my special offer. .
And contests tend to draw in new fans increase engagement on the page.

When I look at the results, I often wonder why people don't do this more often.
Is this against the Facebook Guidelines?
I've heard of one guy generating 200,000 email subscribers in short period of time, but that's obviously an outlier. .