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Diy christmas hot chocolate gifts

Get Recipe Swipe here for next sideonedummy coupon code slide Take it from us, fancy caramel is always in vogue.
Print, yum, the Best DIY Creamy Hot Chocolate Mix.
You can also add some cinnamon, espresso powder, vanilla or mint extract into the milk and cocoa mixture for different variations.(Forgive me Ive tried to find the original source to this image via Google image search and simply cant.I saw this image last year and thought it was such a gifts to get boyfriends family fun way to yet again recycle some baby food jars.Get Recipe Swipe here for next slide Photography: discount perler beads Chelsea Cavanaugh Once you master tempering chocolate (it's easier than it seems, we promise!I used the ratio of sugar to cocoa powder but omitted the dry milk powder and didnt use unsweetened chocolate and I have found this mix to be perfectly creamy and delicious!Please check out my wonderful blogging friends projects below, featuring clear ornaments!Seal with printed tape and tie with baker's twine.Hot glue the bottom of the peppermint jar to the top of the hot chocolate mix lid, and the bottom of the marshmallow jar to the top of the peppermint jar lid.Run mix, minus the chocolate chips, through a blender to make it a finer powder to better mix all ingredients together.
The recipes and ideas here are all easy to make and are thoughtful, delicious gifts.

I have included a hint of salt because it really balances the flavor and the cornstarch thickens the hot chocolate a bit making it more creamy.Even more amazing: Theyre vegan.Get the Meyer Lemon-Orange Bitters Recipe These rich truffles are as good as anything youd get from a chocolatier.Get Recipe A jar of this good-for-you blend of pumpkin seeds, coconut, almonds, cranberries, and candied ginger makes an excellent present.Give one bottle to every home on the block - or all three of them to the people you really love.We elevate ours with lavender and fleur de sel - it makes a delectable topping for cakes, ice cream, you name.Serve plain or with whipped cream or marshmallows.Use parchment or colored plastic wrap to package, or visit a crafts store for shiny, colorful foil squares.Weve made two so far.So, we had to make a girl snow-woman.
Creamy, chocolatey homemade hot Cocoa that can be packed into regular jars, or even a mason jar mug.
If you want to, make a hat for his head out of felt pieces (a circle slightly bigger than the jar lid, topped with a rectangle of felt rolled into a cylinder and glued together) glue a ribbon around the hat for a hat band.

Vodka, citrus zest, spices like fennel seed and coriander, and the bitter root gentian steep in a jar for a few weeks, resulting in a heady, complex flavor.
Christmas Home Tour, i posted on Monday.