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But the vanilla is imho not as porminent as some say.
Grills Smokers, outdoor Firepits, for Shoppers, bizrate.And then three woods -cedar, guaiac and woody notes- which makes a formidable woody combo to make love with the vanilla in the base and the equally formidable juicy flower combo in middle and top.In the future girls would have to smell something like that, to be interesting.Digital Cameras, women's Jackets, laptop Computers, tVs.But Organza was on the other side of the perfume spectrum.Organza is not sex in a bottle -that is Boudoir or Bal à Versailles- but it is seduction power you are my reward in a bottle.I remembered thinking: 'If all women would smell like this, then I would be in heaven' and cruising the streets day and night like a blind Al Pacino in 'Scent of a Woman' for whiffs of 'Organza'.'Organza' is the feeling of 'Happy Days' and emotional bliss and knowing that some sweet dreams will come true, one day.Even if that doesn't exist.This kind of perfume is part of the 'feminine mystique I realized.So that the vanilla gets a chance to add a sophisticated presence and add yet another facet that makes 'Organza' gorgeous.So Labbe diminishes that awesome flower power with some much needed sparkling freshness: bergamot and green notes in the top.Because there are no built in contrasts, hooks and little olfactory surprises.Organza is a shameless ode to the sensual power, mystique and delights of women.Not of girls, but of Women.
'Indecence' is more incense-y, woody, dry, austere.

They are a one dominant or two dominant trick ponies.Smelling it, gives you hope for human kind, makes you dream about eternal love.Of course it is a Givenchy, so technically this fragrance is top class.When Organza bewitches you with her upfront sensual and woody flower power, you will succumb.'Organza' is no shy wallflower but a 'feminine femme'.First the base is very strong, classy and a powerhouse.It is one of those rare frags that has the power to unearth and unleash long hidden emotions.Egoiste by Chanel was better.By this breathtaking beauty.

This was another world.
No infighting amongst the power flowers here.