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Christmas gift poems funny

christmas gift poems funny

Then I gathered all the burnt out bulbs, And tossed them into the trash bin.
I need to beat feet shopnaari discount code from the scene of my crime, And get back into bed on the double!
You'll find some novel verses here, including The Honest Santa Fairy.
View The 12 Days After Christmas as just one example.Original poems contributed by Kelly Roper.As it appears, we are not the only ones feeling stressed out by Christmas.Santa as well is not feeling swell.In my top workshop drawer.Robert Pottle : Humorist and performer Robert Pottle writes poems for all holidays, including Christmas.

My face is red; I was caught in bed With a stranger named Frances (or Francis)."May you and your loved ones enjoy peace on earth." (c) Harvey Ehrlich, 1992.Enough babbling for now, following are some hilarious Christmas poems about Santa:.I thought I was about half done, But suddenly it appeared there were more.Then one morn sweet Santa said to him, 'Rudolf with your nose green, you'd better stay in'.Some, or maybe even most, of us have overindulged in Christmas cookies.At Christmas most have a spread similar to Thanksgiving.