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338 win mag 300 grain

# 36, 02:54 AM Beartooth Regular Join Date: Aug 2009 Posts: 3,595": Originally Posted by Sus Scrofa I cannot agree with you here bandit.
The stock is synthetic material that has checkering at the grip and fore-end along with swivel studs.
Nosler partition in my 30-06 as a kitchfix coupon code back up which also works well.I don't shoot as often these days as I did 15yrs and more ago, but still kill close to 25 large animals a year and probably 40 to 50 foxes.Two of his dogs had broken off and had actually caught a bear.(New Jersey) I also belong to a private range about 25 minutes away.I would happily shoot a 35lb muntjac with a 300Win Mag and a 180 or 200 gr bullet.And my Marlin 336.35 Remington to shoot black bear.
However, I also shoot from 'field positions' because I don't haul a bench around when I am hunting.

Maybe with Barn 180 grain bullets.But never saw a bear.And the biggest reason is it makes me happy and that is what counts If you're paying two grand to hunt in the Carolina's, someone is making a buck or two on you.Waste not want not.In the short two-day hunt, i win you lose vine we came close to getting a bear.System.300 win mag.This results in the 300 accommodating.9 grains of Alliant RL-25 powder and the 7mm squeezing in just.2 of the same powder for safe pressure levels according to Hornadys Handbook of Cartridge Reloading, Tenth Edition._ "I don't drink or smoke, I spend my money on gunpowder and gasoline." # 37, 03:53 AM Beartooth Regular Join Date: Mar 2015 Posts: 43 I shoot 4-500 rounds a year through my a-bolt because I like shooting my A-bolt.I have very much enjoyed bear hunting over the years and I like the idea that a major firearm company has designed a rifle mainly for that purpose.If you know of any lodges where I can get the service, food and amount of deer I see in a week, then you can recommend them.A reader recently requested a ballistic comparison between same weight bullets in a 300 Win.
Thank you Lead Sled, these things are great have shot 45-50 rounds in a day and no recoil problems.
Few of us engage game beyond 400 yards and fewer of us ever should.

Think of it this way - it is the classic round for your old gun and probably the one your dad would have used, anyway.
Has a water capacity of 77 grains with its bullet.
quot;: Originally Posted by termite, my two cents.