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308 win mag ballistics chart

The Lyman 50th Edition (p241-250 260-262) and Hornady 10th Edition (p474-484, 510-522, 564, 574-585) reloading manuals were also used as references for this article.
Just like with ammo, the secret santa gifts for foodies major gun manufacturers produce rifles chambered in all 2017 christmas gifts for toddlers three cartridges.You also have to take recoil into account.The.300 Win Mag rounds also have slightly better BCs than the.308 rounds.As a slight aside, the.300 Winchester Short Magnum (.300 WSM) has an even larger diameter case than the.300 Winchester Magnum (.535.532).Thanks for your support.We see that the 300 Win Mag has a higher BC than the.308 rounds on average.As you can see in the table below, the.300 Win Mag can propel a 180gr bullet faster than the.308 Win.30-06 Springfield can push a 150gr bullet.So, who should be using these cartridges?Long Range Trajectory Since we looked at short range trajectory, we also want to take a look at how these two cartridges compare when on a longer flight path.308 vs 30-06 vs 300 Win Mag: Cartridge Performance.Are you planning a mountain hunt for sheep, mountain goat, Himalayan Tahr, or chamois where it will be really nice to have a lightweight, but hard hitting rifle?We do see the same trend of the.300 Win Mag generating more recoil than the.308 rounds throughout the graph With all of the.300 Win Mag rounds generating between 27 and of recoil energy while the.308 Win rounds fell between 22 and of recoil energy.Nosler provided the load data used to compare recoil for the three cartridges ( here, here, and here ).
If you expand on that, a bullet with a high BC should be more accurate excluding all other factors.
The difference between them (308 vs 30-06 vs 300 Win Mag) is not as great as it is sometimes made out to be and the animal will never know the difference if your shot is placed in the right spot.

Do you primarily hunt deer in a thickly wooded area where long distance shots past 200 yards are uncommon and bullet drop is less of a concern?A.308 Winchester (7.62mm nato American Eagle (Federal) Full Metal Jacket Boat-Tail, 150gr.With a case length of just.015 (51.18mm) and an maximum overall length.81 (71.37mm the.308 Winchester is the shortest of the three cartridges.It has an incredibly flat trajectory out to 300 yards and is even manageable at the 400-yard range when the adrenaline is pumping with a ballistic coefficient.64.Since the.308 Winchester is so much shorter than the.30-06 Springfield and.300 Winchester Magnum, it will fit in a short-action rifle while the larger two cartridges are restricted to long-action rifles (more on this later).Army designed the.30-06 Springfield for use in the 1903 Springfield rifle.Whether or not this amount of difference is going to impact you and your shot we cant know.Even at 500 yards this round still carries 2,s of energy, so range and stopping power is not an issue even for larger game.Range, drop (inches velocity, energy, wind drift (inches time (milliseconds.
Once we get out to the 600 and 700-yard range, there is a clear distinction in the groupings of the two cartridges with the.300 Win Mag showing an average of 20 inches less bullet drop than the 308 Win rounds.

In theory, the higher the sectional density, the greater the penetration of the bullet as more force is applied to a smaller area of the target.
I only brought up the cartridge in the first place to illustrate the potential gains in case capacity associated with increasing the diameter of the case.