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300 win mag vs 300 blackout

Only thing that you have to change is the barrel!
However,.308 Winchester and.30-06 Springfield ammunition are generally more common than.300 Winchester Magnum.308 Winchester ammunition is usually the least expensive and.300 Winchester Magnum ammunition is typically the most expensive.
The cartridge is designed to fit a long action and is ballistically close to the.300.308 vs 30-06 vs 300 Win Mag: Cartridge Sizes.Note: some of the links below are affiliate links.Uppers available for cheap online can make your weapons much more versatile.Scroll back to top.Stick to the supersonic 150gr or 125gr bullets and youll identical performance.30-30.6239.Each one has its own fan club, but which cartridge is the right one for you?
Cartridge case axis bank my zone credit card reward points redemption capacities were obtained from Chuck Hawks. .
But, this is especially important because its overall length allows it to cycle in short action bolt action rifles and AR-10 semi-automatic actions while producing less recoil than.308 Winchester Magnum cartridge.

The other Winchester magnums are, from left to right, the.264,.338 and.458, all based on the.375 H H Mag.And shared the same shortened case length.500 inch to maintain a cartridge overall length.340 inch.However, if youre looking to hunt any game at distances greater than 150 yards or game larger than an above average white tail you should look at cartridges with a little more oomph to ensure ethical kills.Ammunition have an exorbitant amount of blood-shot meat, and penetration can be poor because of violent expansion, brought on by impact velocities greater than 3,200 fps.How They Made the.300 AAC Blackout.Lets be real, you are probably not that guy.Remington Express 220gr Subsonic Conclusion The.300 BLK wont ever supplant the.56 for the most ubiquitous AR-15 cartridge but it does have some key areas where it really shines.
Therefore, the.300 Winchester Magnum has significantly greater case capacity than the.308 Winchester and the.30-06 Springfield.
This is, in fact, partly because of the fabulous selection.30-caliber bullets we have today.

So, even though it has.1 case length thats just a little longer than the.308 Winchester case, the.300 WSM has a significantly larger case capacity (79.0g H2O) than the.308 Winchester and.30-06 Springfield.
I figured I could get the.300, with a bit of creative handloading, to perform the same.
And the.300 is so slight that I believe the larger frontal diameter of the.300 as well as the better selection of bullet weights gives a definite edge to the.300 Win.